Simple analyses, always and everywhere

Many business owners trust their gut feeling. That feeling has probably brought you far, but as the company grows it is time for concrete answers and clear figures. A simple drill-down of all results? This takes no time at all with the BI solution from CalmCo. All information can be displayed in a dynamic and graphical manner on any appliance whatsoever. Show the latest evolutions at a meeting on your tablet? You do it the easy and professional way with CalmCo.

Clear dashboard

Different tools and establishments are consolidated to form one clear overview. The figures of the group as a whole are combined and made workable. You very simply design reports and graphics yourself. You can always investigate striking trends or turnovers in detail by department, but with cross-department ties also displayed.

The big advantage is that you do not have to wait for accounts for an analysis. You can now analyse your figures in real-time each week and each day in an independent manner.