Workshop & Warehouse

After-sales manager

Optimise you work process


This module gives the after-sales manager a complete and clear view of the productivity and efficiency of his/her department. The status at the workshop, the productivity of the mechanics and the duration of the turnarounds are meticulously monitored. These figures enable the manager to considerably improve the work process.


How does the turnover evolve per technician and what is the margin per spare part? CalmCo’s BI solution allows you to answer all these questions with one press of a button. But that’s not all: trends quickly become clear and outstanding orders can be immediately followed up.


Get full insight into the different cases and immediately notice discrepancies between the specifications that have been insurance approved and the hours actually worked. That’s CalmCo too.


Immediately identify sleeping and dead stock. Get a grip on costs and spare parts or check which exclusive spare parts are in arrears. This module gives the after-sales manager and warehouse supervisor a complete and detailed overview of the stock.