Sales & stock

Sales manager

Pipeline, margins, volumes: a finger on the pulse

With the BI solution the sales director can truly work with a finger on the pulse. The pipeline, the margins, the volumes or types, everything is set out clearly. Meetings with the importer become much more efficient. You can immediately demonstrate the situation with the quota, and which types are selling well and what is staying in stock. Margins and hit ratios can be very simple shown visually.

Getting an overview of the margins achieved and future objectives per seller or per model is no longer a difficult chore. Combining several dashboards immediately gives you a clear overview of the situation.

Following up sales and stock

Following up your sales staff is simplicity itself. How many offers do they make, which sales processes are effectively completed and who has what in the pipeline? Sales meetings then have a highly dynamic nature.

What value is there in the current stock and what is the situation with its depreciation? This information is essential for good results, but sometimes too little attention is devoted to it. With the CalmCo’s BI solution that becomes a thing of the past.